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Adhvaryu on how promoting worker welfare contributes to profitability in India's garment industry

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Colter Mitchell

Faculty Associate, Population Studies Center.

Research Assistant Professor, SRC - Pop., Neurodev., and Genet, institute for Social Research.

Ph.D., University of Michigan

Dr. Mitchell’s research focuses on the causes and consequences of family formation behavior. He examines how social context such as neighborhood resources and values influence family processes and how those processes interplay with an individual’s genetic and epigenetic makeup to influence behavior, wellbeing, and health. His research also includes the development of new methods for integrating the collection and analysis of biological and social data.

Select Publications

Journal Articles

Lewandowski-Romps, Lisa M., Paul Schulz, Heather Schroeder, Patricia A. Berglund, Steven Heeringa, Roderick J. Little, Colter Mitchell, Lisa J. Colpe, Kenneth Cox, Keith Hauret, Jeffrey D. Hay, Bruce Jones, Michael Schoenbaum, Murray B. Stein, and Robert J. Ursano. Forthcoming. "Medical-encounter mental health diagnoses, non-fatal injury and polypharmacy indicators of risk for accident death in the US Army enlisted soldiers, 2004ñ2009." Preventive Medicine. DOI. Abstract.

Kuckertz, Jennie M., Colter Mitchell, and Jillian Lee Wiggins. Forthcoming. "Parenting mediates the impact of maternal depression on child internalizing symptoms." Depression and anxiety. DOI. Abstract.

Goosby, Bridget, Jacob Cheadle, and Colter Mitchell. Forthcoming. "Discrimination and Racial Inequities in Health (Biosocial Mechanisms)." Annual Review of Sociology. DOI.

Needham, Belinda L., Margaret Hicken, Ishtar O. Govia, Colter Mitchell, and Cleopatra M. Abdou. 2017. "Maternal Social Disadvantage and Newborn Telomere Length in Archived Dried Blood Spots from the Michigan Neonatal Biobank." Biodemography and social biology, 63(3): 221-235. DOI. Abstract.

Stein, Murray B., Steven Heeringa, Erin Bakshis Ware, Colter Mitchell, Ronald C. Kessler, Chia-Yen Chen, Susan Borja, Tianxi Cai, Catherine L. Dempsey, Carol S. Fullerton, Joel Gelernter, Sonia Jain, James A. Naifeh, Matthew K. Nock, Stephan Ripke, Xiaoying Sun, Jean C. Beckham, Nathan A. Kimbrel, Robert J. Ursano, and Jordan W. Smoller. 2017. "Genomewide association studies of suicide attempts in US soldiers." American Journal of Medical Genetics Part B: Neuropsychiatric Genetics, 174(8): 786-797. DOI. Abstract.

Ratanatharathorn, Andrew, Colter Mitchell, Marco P. Boks, Adam X. Maihofer, Allison E. Aiello, Ananda B. Amstadter, Allison Ashley-Koch, Dewleen G. Baker, Jean C. Beckham, Evelyn Bromet, Michelle Dennis, Melanie E. Garrett, Elbert Geuze, Guia Guffanti, Michael A. Hauser, Varun Kilaru, Nathan A. Kimbrel, Karestan C. Koenen, Pei-Fen Kuan, Mark W. Logue, Benjamin J. Luft, Mark W. Miller, Nicole R. Nugent, Kerry J. Ressler, Bart P. F. Rutten, Murray B. Stein, Eric Vermetten, Christiaan H. Vinkers, Nagy A. Youssef, MIRECC Workgroup VA Mid-Atlantic, Epigenetics Workgroup PGC PTSD, Monica Uddin, Caroline M. Nievergelt, and Alicia K. Smith. 2017. "Epigenome-wide association of PTSD from heterogeneous cohorts with a common multi-site analysis pipeline." American Journal of Medical Genetics Part B: Neuropsychiatric Genetics, 174(6): 619-630. DOI. Abstract.

Mitchell, Colter, Sara McLanahan, Lisa Schneper, Irv Garfinkel, Jeanne Brooks-Gunn, and Daniel Notterman. 2017. "Father Loss and Child Telomere Length." Pediatrics, 140(2): e20163245. DOI. Abstract.

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