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Frey on resurgence of the suburbs

Work by Geronimus cited in PBS's '5 important stories'

Schoeni and Freedman summarize the good and bad news on dementia trends among older Americans

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PDHP invites applications for Faculty Small Grants in support of population science

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Mon, May 7, 2018, noon: Student Forum on Educational Inequality

Narayan Sastry

Funded Research:

A New Public Data Archive for the PSID Child Development Supplement (NICHD)

Children's Health and Migration (NICHD)

Continuity and Change in American Economic and Social Life: The PSID 2017 - 2020 (NSF)

Panel Study of Income Dynamics - 2017 Philanthropy Module (Wave 40) and CDS 2014 (Templeton, John)

Genotyping the Child Development Supplement to the Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID-CDS) (Russell Sage Foundation)

Transitions from Preschool through High School: Family, Schools & Neighborhoods - Administrative Supplement (NICHD)

Life Course Research Network (LCRN) Panel Studies of Income Dynamics (PSID) Usergroup (HHS-HRSA)

Family Complexity, Resources, and the Transition to Adulthood (NICHD)

Family Dynamics, Fertility, and Investments in Children Across Generations-Administrative Supplement (NICHD)

Transition to Adulthood within its Life Course & Intergenerational Family Context (NICHD)

Family Dynamics, Fertility, and Investments in Children Across Generations (NICHD)

Disparities in Recovery from Hurricane Katrina: KATRINA@10: RP4 (NICHD)

PSID, CDS, and TA: Data Enhancements and User Training, Support, and Outreach (NICHD)

Survey of New Orleans Residents Displaced by Hurricane Katrina (SubK to UM) (NICHD)

Transitions from Preschool through High School: Family, Schools & Neighborhoods-Administrative Supplement (NICHD)

L.A.FANS Integrated User Training and Support (NICHD)

Transitions from Preschool through High School: Family, Schools & Neighborhoods (NICHD)

The Transition from Childhood into Adulthood among PSID Children, 2013 and 2015 (NICHD)

Family Dynamics, Fertility, and Investments in Children Across Generations (NICHD)

Creating a Lifecourse Panel From Birth to Early Adulthood (NICHD)

Research Professor, Population Studies Center.

Associate Director, Panel Study of Income Dynamics, Institute for Social Research.

Research Professor, Survey Research Center.

Ph.D., Princeton University

Dr. Sastry’s research interests center on studying the social and spatial dimensions of health, development, and well-being of children and adolescents, both in the United States and in less developed countries.

Select Publications


McCarthy, Kevin, D.J. Peterson, Narayan Sastry, and Michael Pollard. 2006. The repopulation on New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Santa Monica, CA: Rand.

Journal Articles

Fomby, Paula, Narayan Sastry, and Katherine McGonagle. 2017. "Effectiveness of a Time-limited Incentive on Participation by Hard-to-reach Respondents in a Panel Study." Field Methods, 29(3): 238-251. PMCID: PMC5542576. DOI. Abstract.

McGonagle, K., and Narayan Sastry. 2016. "Using the Panel Study of Income Dynamics To Analyze Housing Decisions, Dynamics, and Effects." Cityscape, 18(1): 185-199. PMCID: PMC4839387. Abstract.

Bzostek, S., Narayan Sastry, N. Goldman, A. Pebley, and Denise Duffy. 2016. "Using vignettes to rethink Latino-white disparities in self-rated health." Social Science and Medicine, 149: 46-65. PMCID: PMCID5146984. DOI. Abstract.

DeCamp, Lisa Ross, HwaJung Choi, Elena Fuentes-Afflick, and Narayan Sastry. 2015. "Immigrant Latino Neighborhoods and Mortality Among Infants Born to Mexican-Origin Latina Women." Maternal and Child Health Journal, 19(6): 1354-1363. PMCID: PMC4447583. DOI. Abstract.

McGonagle, Katherine, and Narayan Sastry. 2015. "Cohort Profile: The Panel Study of Income Dynamics' Child Development Supplement and Transition into Adulthood Study." International Journal of Epidemiology, 44(2): 415-422. DOI. Abstract.

Clarke, Philippa J., Narayan Sastry, Denise Duffy, and Jennifer Ailshire. 2014. "Accuracy of Self-Reported Versus Measured Weight Over Adolescence and Young Adulthood: Findings From the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, 1996–2008." American Journal of Epidemiology, 180(2): 153-159. PMCID: PMC4082345. DOI. Abstract.

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