Philippa J. Clarke

Philippa J. Clarke

Research Affiliate, Population Studies Center.
Research Professor, Epidemiology, School of Public Health.
Research Professor, Survey Research Center, Institute for Social Research.
Research Interests:  Dr. Clarke uses U.S. census data to show how housing density and mixed-use neighborhoods affect individual experience of disability and uses detailed GIS information to refine this work. She also examines late-life mental health and physical well-being.

Select Projects

ENHANCE: Developing a Clinical Geography Tool to Intervene in Cognitive Decline through Neighborhood Design (NIA)

ACL-LIFE Life History Interview and Validation (NIA)

The Importance of the Neighborhood Environment in Determining Health and Well-being among Persons with Dementia and their Caregivers (NIA)

Outdoor Environmental Facilitators and Barriers of Stroke Survivors: Mobility and Functional Status (NICHD)

Rehabilitation Research and Training Center (RRTC) on Promoting Healthy Aging for People with Long-Term Physical Disabilities (HHS-AA)

Racial inequalities in health throughout adulthood: The cumulative impact of neighborhood chemical and non-chemical stressors on epigenomic pathways (NIMHD)

Socio-Environmental Factors Associated with Healthy Aging after Spinal Cord Injury (Craig H. Nielsen Foundation)

Health Differences at Older Ages between U.S. and England - Role of Local Contextual Factors (NIA)

Cognitive Resilience and Community Context: Examining the role of Neighborhood Built and Social Environments for Slowing the Progression of Dementia among older Americans (NIA)

Muscle weakness among older adults: A silent epidemic (MiCDA)

Built environments on stroke risk and stroke disparities in a national sample (NINDS)

Boomers, Entrepreneurship, and Retirement 2030 (Kauffman)

The Social and Economic Dynamics of Optimism and Hopelessness over American Adulthood: Evidence from the Americans Changing Lives Study (1986-2011) (Templeton, John)

Improving environmental measures in obesity research using innovative technology (NCI)

Understanding Social Disparities in Health and Aging (NIA)

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