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Edward Norton

Research Affiliate, Population Studies Center.

Professor, Health Management and Policy, School of Public Health.

Professor, Economics, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts.

Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dr. Norton's research interests in health economics include long-term care and aging, econometrics, and the use of biomarkers in social science research. Dr. Norton has led several studies of the economics of long-term care and aging. He has studied how nursing home reimbursement affects quality and cost of care, the extent of adverse selection and the bequest motive in the private long-term care insurance market, and the behavioral effect of Medicaid long-term care insurance on residents who enter a nursing home as private payers.

Select Publications

Journal Articles

Norton, Edward, and Bryan E. Dowd. Forthcoming. "Log Odds and the Interpretation of Logit Models." Health Services Research. DOI. Abstract.

Sheetz, Kyle H., Edward Norton, Scott E. Regenbogen, and Justin B. Dimick. Forthcoming. "An Instrumental Variable Analysis Comparing Medicare Expenditures for Laparoscopic vs Open Colectomy." JAMA Surgery. DOI. Abstract.

Norton, Edward, Jun Li, Anup Das, and Lena M. Chen. Forthcoming. "Moneyball in Medicare." Journal of Health Economics. DOI. Abstract.

Kaye, Deborah R., Edward Norton, Chad Ellimoottil, Zaojun Ye, James M. Dupree, Lindsey A. Herrel, and David C. Miller. Forthcoming. "Understanding the relationship between the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' Hospital Compare star rating, surgical case volume, and short-term outcomes after major cancer surgery." Cancer. DOI. Abstract.

Wu, Hon-Yen, Edward Norton, Shingo Fukuma, Sayaka Shimizu, Yu-Kang Tu, Kuan-Yu Hung, Mei-Ru Chen, Kuo-Liong Chien, and Shunichi Fukuhara. Forthcoming. "Effects of Higher Quality of Care on Initiation of Long-term Dialysis in Patients With CKD and Diabetes." American Journal of Kidney Diseases. DOI. Abstract.

Nathan, Hari, Jyothi R. Thumma, Edward Norton, and Justin B. Dimick. Forthcoming. "Strategies for Reducing Population Surgical Costs in Medicare: Local Referrals to Low-cost Hospitals." Annals of Surgery. DOI. Abstract.

Levy, Helen, Edward Norton, and Jeffrey A. Smith. Forthcoming. "Tobacco Regulation and Cost-Benefit Analysis: How Should We Value Foregone Consumer Surplus?" American Journal of Health Economics. DOI. Abstract.

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