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Future care of dependent elderly population in Europe

Report of study projecting dependent elder population up to 2030, distinguishing among family situations.

Growing disparities in life expectancy

Congressional Budget Office brief looks at widening gap in life expectancy by SES and implications for Social Security and Medicare.

WHO Mortality Database updated Apr 14, 2008

Access to raw data files, necessary instructions, file structures, code reference tables, etc.

How does GDP and income affect subjective well-being?

Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers re-examine the ‘Easterlin Paradox,’ which suggests there is no link between economic development of a society and the happiness of its members.

Public lecture, U-M Center for Global Health

Albrecht Jahn, Ph.D., will discuss “Safe Pregnancy and Childbirth: A Test Case for Global Health,” Monday, April 14, 2008, 4pm – 5pm, 1655 Crossroads Building, School of Public Health I, 109 S. Observatory St.

Max Planck Institute: Comparative analysis of mortality patterns

“Regularities and Deviations in Mortality Trends of the Developed World.”

U-M Retirement Research Newsletter – 2008

Resources on key findings in health and disability.

CMS releases data on Medicare enrollment

National Trends 1966-2007
Medicare State Enrollment 2004-2006
(PDF files)

Report from Urban Institute

“Can Faster Economic Growth Bail Out Our Retirement Programs?”

Population Reference Bureau webcast

“How Older Women Can Shield Themselves From Poverty.”