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NIA March 2008 Aging Research Newsletter

Focus on aging research.

Est costs of future medical care higher for today’s retirees

A 65-year-old couple retiring this year will need about $225,000 in savings to cover medical costs in retirement, according to Boston-based Fidelity Investments. The estimate is up 4.7% from figure for 2007.

Urban teens who feel safe more future oriented

Middle schoolers who feel safe and have positive community experiences are more able to delay gratification and less likely to fight. Researchers: Daniel Kruger, Thomas Reischl, Marc Zimmerman (Univ of Michigan).

Mental acuity may be improving among seniors

New findings suggest that seniors may be gaining protection from memory loss via better cardiovascular health and more education. Researchers: Kenneth Langa (University of Michigan) and colleagues.

U-M’s Center for Global Health Announces Four Public Lectures

See calendar.

Pam Smock Comments on Gender Gap in Housework

Pamela Smock, a University of Michigan sociologist, is quoted in a NYT article, “Men Who Do Housework May Get More Sex.” Commenting on the findings that men are assuming a greater share of housework, although they still lag women, she noted a persistent gender gap remains for ‘invisible’ household work — e.g., scheduling children’s medical appointments, buying the gifts they take to birthday parties, arranging holiday gatherings.