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New Working Papers from the NBER

Growing Up In a Recession: Beliefs and Macroeconomy
By: Paola Giuliano and Antonio Spilimbergo
Abstract; PDF
Is a WIC Start a Better Start? Evaluating WICs Impact on Infant Health Using Program Introduction
By: Hilary W. Hoynes, Marianne E. Page, Ann Huff
Abstract; PDF
The Good, the Bad and the Average: Evidence on the Scale and Nature of Ability Peer Effects in Schools
By: Victor Lavy, Olmo Silva, Felix Weinhardt
Abstract; PDF
The Trade Creation Effect of Immigrants: Evidence from the Remarkable Case of Spain
By: Giovanni Peri, Francisco Requena
Abstract; PDF
Testing for Altruism and Social Pressure in Charitable Giving
By: Stefano DellaVigna, John A. List, Ulrike Malmendier
Abstract; PDF
Calorie Posting in Chain Restaurants
By: Bryan Bollinger, Phillip Leslie, Alan Sorensen
Abstract; PDF
Terminal Care and The Value of Life Near Its End
By: Tomas J. Philipson, Gary Becker, Dana Goldman, Kevin M. Murphy
Abstract; PDF
Intended and Unintended Effects of Youth Bicycle Helmet Laws
By: Christopher S. Carpenter, Mark F. Stehr
Abstract; PDF

United Nations Demographic Manuals On-line

23 manuals and guides of demographic methods and techniques issued by the United Nations over a long period of time are now online.
The pages for particular manuals include a short introduction, reproduction of the cover page, chapter-level table of contents hyperlinked to respective files in the portable document format and links to thematically related manuals.