Monthly Archive for August, 2014

Working Papers From the NBER

Identifying Long-Run Risks: A Bayesian Mixed-Frequency Approach
by Frank Schorfheide, Dongho Song, Amir Yaron #20303
Abstract; PDF

The Persistence and Heterogeneity of Health among Older Americans
by Florian Heiss, Steven F. Venti, David A. Wise #20306
Abstract; PDF

The Micro and Macro of Disappearing Routine Jobs: A Flows Approach
by Guido Matias Cortes, Nir Jaimovich, Christopher J. Nekarda, Henry E. Siu #20307
Abstract; PDF

Expanding the School Breakfast Program: Impacts on Children’s Consumption, Nutrition and Health
by Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach, Mary Zaki #20308
Abstract; PDF

When Incentives Matter Too Much: Explaining Significant Responses to Irrelevant Information
by Thomas Ahn, Jacob L. Vigdor #20321
Abstract; PDF

Finite Population Causal Standard Errors
by Alberto Abadie, Susan Athey, Guido W. Imbens, Jeffrey M. Wooldridge #20325
Abstract; PDF

Should Student Employment Be Subsidized? Conditional Counterfactuals and the Outcomes of Work-Study Participation
by Judith Scott-Clayton, Veronica Minaya #20329
Abstract; PDF

Non-Adherence In Health Care: A Positive and Normative Analysis
by Mark Egan, Tomas J. Philipson #20330
Abstract; PDF

Medical Marijuana Laws and Teen Marijuana Use
by D. Mark Anderson, Benjamin Hansen, Daniel I. Rees #20332
Abstract; PDF

Broken or Fixed Effects?
by Charles E. Gibbons, Juan Carlos Suarez Serrato, Michael B. Urbancic #20342
Abstract; PDF

How Does Family Health Care Use Respond to Economic Shocks? Realized and Anticipated Effects
by Alan C. Monheit, Irina Grafova, Rizie Kumar #20348
Abstract; PDF

Urban Vibrancy and Corporate Growth
by Casey Dougal, Christopher A. Parsons, Sheridan Titman #20350
Abstract; PDF

The Causal Effect of Environmental Catastrophe on Long-Run Economic Growth: Evidence From 6,700 Cyclones
by Solomon M. Hsiang, Amir S. Jina #20352
Abstract; PDF

Positive Externalities of Social Insurance: Unemployment Insurance and Consumer Credit
by Joanne W. Hsu, David A. Matsa, Brian T. Melzer #20353
Abstract; PDF

The Economics of Density: Evidence from the Berlin Wall
by Gabriel M. Ahlfeldt, Stephen J. Redding, Daniel M. Sturm, Nikolaus Wolf #20354
Abstract; PDF

Affirmative Action Bans and Black Admission Outcomes: Selection-Corrected Estimates from UC Law Schools
by Danny Yagan #20361
Abstract; PDF

Sage Stats and CQ Political Stats Trial

via Catherine Morse, UM library

We have trial access to two new sources for statistics: Sage Stats and CQ US Political Stats. Both trials are available for the Ann Arbor, Flint and Dearborn campuses until September 17, 2014.

SAGE Stats is a data visualization and research platform that currently hosts two collections State Stats and Local Stats. State Stats is a collection of data measures that span all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Local Stats is a collection of data measures that span all counties, cities, and metropolitan statistical areas. Dating back more than 20 years, each data series is displayed with detailed source information. Topics covered include the economy, education, crime, government finance, health, population, religion, social welfare, and transportation.

CQ US Political Stats is a separate platform that brings together data on the US Congress, the Supreme Court and the Presidency for comparison and visualizations. CQ US Political Stats contains data on a variety of topics such as Supreme Court outcomes and demographic data on members of Congress. The data comes from a variety of sources including: CQ Roll Call, Vital Statistics on the Presidency, Supreme Court Compendium, America Votes, and CQ Alamanac.

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