Monthly Archive for August, 2017

Commission on Evidence-Based Policymaking

This commission has been meeting since June 2016. All the presentations and transcripts from each meeting are available on the internet:

Commission on Evidence-Based Policy Making

There have been 7 meetings so far. A final report is due September 2017. The presentations cover difficulties in linking data, especially at the state-level from statutory, to content differences, to formatting.

As an introduction, here’s the charge for the commission:

The Commission on Evidence-Based Policymaking begins its work in the midst of an unprecedented movement toward evidence-based policymaking. This movement has been growing for more than a decade at the federal and state levels, and reflects a continued desire from the American public and policymakers that credible information be available to inform decisions about government programs and activities. Congress and the President created this bipartisan Commission to provide the nation with guidance on ways to further expand our approaches to evidence-building in government. We recognize that we have been given an enormous opportunity to help the country move towards better and more effective government in the coming decades, and look forward to developing a bipartisan strategy to ensure that evidence increasingly informs the important decisions that affect the lives of Americans.

And, from the “about” section, a bit more on its charge:

Members will apply their diverse range of experience and multidisciplinary expertise to study several key issues related to the use of survey and administrative:

  • Existing barriers to accessing and using data government already collects
  • Strategies for better integrating existing data with appropriate infrastructure and security, to support policy research and evaluation
  • Practices for monitoring and assessing outcomes of government programs
  • Whether a data clearinghouse could enhance program evaluation and research opportunities

During the course of its work, the Commission will solicit input from stakeholders, including Federal agencies, researchers, program evaluators, program administrators, advocacy organizations, foundations and non-profit organizations, and the business community.

Under current law, the Commission will issue its findings and report to the President and the Congress in September 2017.