GAO Adds 2010 Census to High-Risk List

2010 Census: Automation Problems and Uncertain Costs and Plans. . .
Additional GAO reports critical of the Census Bureau’s planning:

GAO-08-659T] Census at Critical Juncture for Implementing Risk Reduction
Mathew Scire and David Powner | GAO
April 9, 2008
[GAO-08-550T] Information Technology: Significant Problems of Critical Automation Program
David Powner and Mathew Scire | GAO
March 5, 2008
[GAO-08-295T] Information Technology: Census Bureau Needs to Improve its Risk Management of Decennial Systems
David Powner and Mathew Scire | GAO
December 11, 2007
[GAO-07-779T] 2010 Census: Design Shows Progress, but Managing. . . Require Attention
Mathew Scire | GAO
April 24, 2007
[GAO-07-1106T] 2010 Census: Preparations for the 2010 Census Underway, but Continued Oversight and Risk Management are Critical
Mathew Scire and David Powner | GAO
July 17, 2007
[GAO-06-1009T] 2010 Census: Redesigned Approach Holds Promise, but. . .
Brenda Farrell | GAO
July 27, 2006
[GAO-06-822T] 2010 Census: Costs and Risks Must be Closely Monitored and Evaluated with Mitigation Plans in Place
Brenda Farrell | GAO
June 6, 2006
Census Bureau: Important Activities for Improving Management of Key 2010 Decennial Acquisitions Remain to be Done
GAO Highlights
March 2006
[GAO-05-9] 2010 Census: Basic Design has Potential, but Remaining Challenges Need Prompt Attention
GAO Highlights
January 2005

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