California Center for Population Research Working Papers

Doing “Sex Drugs”: Accomplishing and Navigating Social Identities as Young African American and Latino Gay and Bisexual Men (PDF)
Tara McKay, Bryce McDavitt, Sheba George, Matt G. Mutchler

Education of Children and Differential Mortality of Parents: Do Parents Benefit from Their Children’s Attainments? (PDF)
Esther Friedman, Robert D. Mare

Providing for Older Parents: Is It a Family Affair? (PDF)
Esther Friedman, Judith A. Seltzer

“At That Time, I Didn’t Understand It!”: Exploring the Subject of Contraceptive Knowledge and Use Among Women with Induced Abortion Experiences in the Greater Accra Region, Ghana (PDF)
Adriana Biney

Education and Population Health: A Reassessment (PDF)
David Baker, Juan Leon, Emily G. Smith, John Collins, Marcela Movit

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