The Republican National Party (RNC) and the ACS

Canadian conservatives have had an effect on the Canadian Census:

Canadians and the 2011 Census: Mandatory or not

Not to be outdone, the RNC has a position on the American Community Survey (ACS). Short version is: (a) get rid of it; (b) make it optional.

Here are some articles relevant to this:

Taking Leave of Their Census
TerriAnn Lowenthal | The Census Project Blog
August 24, 2010

Census Survey Asks Too Much
Sam Roberts | New York Times
August 19, 2010

Resolution Concerning the American Community Survey
Republican National Committee
August 6, 2010

And this concern for privacy goes back a long way. Here’s an article on the 1940 Census when Senator Charles W. Tobey, (R, NH) had a crusade against the census questions as ‘un-American and a menace to the processes of self-government.”

Hopkins’ Blast in Census Fight Arouses Tobey: Senator Blases in Wrath at Attack – Threats to Delay Canvas
UP | Pittsburgh Press
March 17, 1940

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