New apportionment projections from EDS

New Population Estimates Show Slight Changes for 2010 Congressional Apportionment, with a Number of States Sitting Close to the Edge
Kimball Brace | Election Data Services
September 26, 2010

And the reactions:

Fears Fly Over Redistricting
Devlin Barrett and Michael Howard Saul | Wall Street Journal
September 30, 2010

Congressional Apportionment Watch
Michael McDonald |George Mason University
[from Huffington Post]
George Mason University
September 29, 2010

Census tally to help shift power in House
John Fritze | USA Today
September 27, 2010

Florida and New York gain importance in 2010 with new redistricting estimates
Aaron Blake | Washington Post
September 27, 2010

Report: Fla. adds 2 seats, N.Y. loses
Richard Cohen | Politico
September 26, 2010

Report: Missouri, Illinois will lose one congressional seat
Tony Messenger | St. Louis Post Dispatch
September 27, 2010

Washington still in line to get a 10th congressional seat
Richard Wagoner | Seattle Times
September 27, 2010

Minnesota could maintain its eight US House seats after all
Jeremy Herb | Minneapolis Star Tribune
September 27, 2010

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