New Discussion Papers from the Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)

Spatial Decentralization and Program Evaluation: Theory and an Example from Indonesia
Mark M. Pitt, Nidhiya Menon
Abstract; PDF

The Effect of Early Childhood Developmental Program Attendance on Future School Enrollment and Grade Progression in Rural North India
Gautam Hazarika, Vejoya Viren
Abstract; PDF

Returns to Education in Four Transition Countries: Quantile Regression Approach
Anita Staneva, Reza Arabsheibani, Philip D. Murphy
Abstract; PDF

Parental Job Loss and Infant Health
Jason M. Lindo
Abstract; PDF

Post-Socialist International Migration: The Case of China-to-South Korea Ethnic Labour Migration
Anna Myunghee Kim
Abstract; PDF

Religion and Child Health
Barry R. Chiswick, Donka M. Mirtcheva
Abstract; PDF

Linearity in Instrumental Variables Estimation: Problems and Solutions
Magne Mogstad, Matthew Wiswall
Abstract; PDF

The Contribution of Social Transfers to the Reduction of PovertyAbstract; PDF

On Population Structure and Marriage Dynamics
(published in: The B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics (2010): Vol. 10 : Iss. 1 (Advances), Article 33. )
Eugenio P. Giolito
Abstract; PDF

Natural Experiment Evidence on the Effect of Migration on Blood Pressure and Hypertension
John Gibson, Steven Stillman, David McKenzie, Halahingano Rohorua
Abstract; PDF

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