American Grace: How Religion Divides and Unites Us

A Conversation with David Campbell
Speaker: David Campbell, University of Notre Dame Professor and Coauthor, “American Grace: How Religion Unites and Divides Us”
Respondent: John Green, Senior Research Adviser, Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life
Moderator: Alan Cooperman, Associate Director of Research, Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life
Source: Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life

From the Pew Research Center’s website:

The Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life held a press luncheon on Dec. 16, 2010 with political science professors David Campbell and John Green on the topic of how religion both divides and unites Americans. Campbell is the co-author, with Harvard professor Robert Putnam, of “American Grace,” a book which examines the changing role of religion in America since the 1960s.

In the edited excerpt, ellipses have been omitted to facilitate reading. The full transcript is available at

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