2010 Brown Center Report on American Education

The 2010 Brown Center Report on American Education
By: Tom Loveless
Source: The Brookings Institute

From the introduction:

This edition of the Brown Center Report marks the tenth issue of the series and the final issue of Volume II. The publication began in 2000 with Bill Clinton in the White House and the Bush-Gore presidential campaign building toward its dramatic conclusion. That first report was organized in a three-part structure that all subsequent Brown Center Reports followed. Part I presents the latest results from state, national, or international assessments and alerts readers to important trends in the data. Part II explores an education issue in depth, sometimes by investigating different sources of empirical evidence than previous research, sometimes by posing a conventional question in an unconventional way. Part III analyzes a current or impending question regarding education policy. In all three sections, the studies strive to ask clear questions, gather the best available evidence, and present findings in a nonpartisan, jargon-free manner.

Full report (PDF)

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