Talking to the Press?

Our own Bill Frey’s recent publications about demographic change are a good resource before you speak about your local community or a specific population group. Some of these are video clips which would work well in a class. These resources are amazingly rich given the relative thin data one gets from the first release of Census 2010 data: Race/Hispanic for the total population and Race/Hispanic for the age 18+ population. Just wait for him to get hold of the short-form data.

Below are links to the full reports. If you just want to click and see the executive summaries or for all his reports, follow this link:
William H. Frey | Brookings Experts

Census Shows Challenge of America’s Children
April 8, 2011

American’s Diverse Future: Initial Glimpses at the U.S. Child Population form the 2010 Census
April 6, 2011
Link for appendices & executive abstract

The Changing Face of America’s Racial Diversity
March 25, 2011

A Pivotal Decade for America’s White and Minority Populations
March 25, 2011

Black Populations Dropping in Big Cities
March 22, 2011
MSNBC News [Full interview]
MSNBC News [Black population migration segment]

@Brookings Podcast: The Census and Changing Demographics in U.S. Schools
March 11, 2011

Growth in School-Age Minority Population Signals Demographic Tipping Point
February 07, 2011

Population Migration Declines Further: Stalling Brain Gains and Ambitions
January 12, 2011

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