Why the sub-750,000 Detroit census count matters

The 2010 Census enumeration for Detroit came in at 713,777, which was a shock to most. Detroit’s relative population loss (-25%) was only rivaled by New Orleans (-30%) among major cities. But, another implication for Detroit is that various Michigan statutes in favor of Detroit are based on “any city with a population of 750,000+.” Detroit no longer meets that requirement.

Read about the implications:

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Matthew Blake | understandinggov.org
May 2, 2011

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Alan Greenblatt | Reuters (posted by Huffington Post)
April 12, 2011

Official: Detroit census recount would come too late to help in state redistricting
Karen Bouffard | Detroit News
April 12, 2011

Population loss could cost Detroit funds, privileges: Drop below 75000 may mean tax, other state laws need change
Christine MacDonald | Detroit News
March 24, 2011

Detroit’s sub-750,000 Census count may lead to serious fiscal consequences
Jeff T. Wattrick | Mlive.com
March 24, 2011

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