Costing the Count: Old style censuses. . .

Costing the count: Old style censuses are cumbersome and costly. Reform is coming
The Economist | June 2, 2011

Related to this is an NSF-Census Research Network (NCRN) RFP:
Program Solicitation – NSF 10-621
The NSF-Census Research Network will provide support for a set of research nodes, each of which will be staffed by a team of scientists conducting interdisciplinary research and educational activities on methodological questions of interest and significance to the broader research community and to the Federal Statistical System, particularly the U.S. Census Bureau.

And, here are some slides – but no notes – on thoughts on a re-engineered census in 2020:
Plans for the Research and Testing Phase of the 2020 Census
Presentation at Association of Public Data Users Conference
September 20, 2010
Daniel Weinberg

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