Connected States of America

The Connected State of America
The Connected States of America illustrates the emerging communities based on the social interactions through the use of anatomized mobile phone data.

CommonCensus Map Project: Revealing Communities of Interest
Information Aesthetics | July 19, 2011

The CommonCensus Map Project [] aims to ‘redraw’ the map of the United States based on the input of its citizens, in order to reveal the boundaries people ‘feel’, as opposed to the state and county boundaries drawn by politicians. It relies on the reports of over 60,591 people who volunteered to reveal the names of places with which they identify themselves the most, in addition to their favorite sports team.

Why States Matter
Urbanophile | July 18, 2011
Obviously states aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, but a number of folks have suggested that state’s aren’t just obsolete, they are downright pernicious in their effects on local economies.

Are States an Anachronism?

Urbanophile | July 18, 2011

There are a lot of reasons why, despite their obvious flaws, states continue to play a crucial role in our nation. The first is that in a huge, multi-regional, multi-polar country like the United States, we can’t effectively govern the entire place from a single city on the east coast (with perhaps administrative subdivisions), nor would we want to.

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