Child well-being in the UK, Spain and Sweden

Child well-being in the UK, Spain and Sweden: The role of inequality and materialism
By: Ipsos Mori and Agnes Nairn

From Summary:

This research reveals how children and families in different societies tackle complicated issues in their everyday lives in very different ways. It clearly exposes some of the specific pressures faced by children and families in the UK, uncovering new dimensions to family life, and sheds new light on the motivations and responses of children and families when dealing with inequality and materialism.

Our findings paint a complex picture of the relationship between well-being, materialism and inequality across Spain, Sweden and the UK. Time with family and friends and activities outside the home emerge as central to children’s subjective well-being, and material goods appear to be used by children often as social enablers rather than as direct contributors to their own happiness.

Summary (PDF)
Full Report (PDF)

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