Budget Cuts Axe Statistical Abstract

This is a collection of articles about and efforts to retain the Statistical Abstract, sorted by date:

Tea or Coffee? Land Line or Cellphone? Hogs or Humans? Census Has Answers
Sam Roberts | New York Times
October 10, 2011
Sam Roberts’ New York Times piece on the Statistical Abstract left out one important fact. This is the last one.

Farewell, Statistical Abstract
Robert J. Samuelson | Washington Post
October 4, 2011
Data collection via the Federal Statistical System costs roughly 3 billion dollars; Production of the Statistical Abstracts costs roughly 3 million dollars; End of the Abstract is Priceless (with apologies to Master Card)

Statistical Abstract of the United States: 2012 released
Census Bureau | Newsroom
September 28, 2011
Is it an annual factbook or is this the last release?

Census Bureau Wants to Kill Statistical Abstract
Eliot Marshall | Science Insider
August 31, 2011
Excellent summary of the coverage of the demise of the Statistical Abstract.

Continue Publishing ‘Statistical Abstract’
The Intelligencer | Wheeling News-Register
August 31, 2011

Don’t let bureaucrats perform a lobotomy on our economy/Abolishing the Abstract would cause a real loss
Letter to the Editor | Washington Post
August 26, 2011

Save the stats
Ezra Klein | Washington Post
August 22, 2011
Robert Samuelson says “don’t kill the Statistical Abstract”! Paul Krugman agrees. They’re right. There’s even a Facebook page. Never heard of the Statistical Abstract? Go here. You’re in for a treat.

Help save the Statistical Abstract
Submitted by jrjacobs | Free Government Information (FGI)
March 22, 2011
Information on the issue with links to commentary an on-line petition and a write to Congress resource.

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