Small Government Folks and the Federal Statistical System

WND is a compilation of small government bloggers.

They are in favor of making the ACS voluntary; consider the ACS a virtual colonoscopy; do not like the questions in the ACS, even though the questions go through Congressional scrutiny; and think the 6 questions in the Census are 5 questions too many. A previous entry provides links to articles in favor of the voluntary ACS.

Caught!: Census Bureau on Wrong Side of Law?
Bob Unruh |
March 22, 2012
Invasive questions ‘a clear violation of Article I of the U.S. Constitution’

Rutherford Institute Issues Final Warning to Census Bureau Over Forcing Americans to Complete Highly Invasive Surveys Unrelated to Census
John Whitehead | Rutherford Institute
March 22, 2012

Legal Concerns Regarding the American Community Survey
Letter from John Whitehead, Rutherford Institute to Robert M. Groves, Census Bureau
March 22, 2012

Immigration Group: Look at Census to round up illegals
Bob Unruh |
April 5, 2010
‘We’d like for Congress to pass a special bill demanding the data be used’
[even though the Census does not have an ‘are you here illegally question’ and that the data are not used for administrative purposes]

Critics Call Census Pages ‘Involuntary Colonscopy’
Bob Unruh |
March 18, 2010
Feds accused of hijacking forms for their ‘unauthorized programs’
[Criticism is of both the 2010 Census and the ACS, which is the replacement for the census long-form]

Feds Implement Perpetual Census
Julie Foster
June 16, 2001
American Community Survey will be mailed out continually

House Bill would Limit Census
Julie Foster
April 21, 2000
‘It is the antithesis of a democratic society’

The bill further asserts “the only information needed in order to
carry out that purpose are the names, ages, and the number of
individuals residing in a household, and the address or location of such

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