YIKES: Has the ACS been defunded?

The House voted 232-190 on the Webster-Lankford amendment to prohibit the use of funds to conduct the American Community Survey. Here is the record of the votes (232-190).

Below is a clip of Webster (R-FL) presenting his argument that the ACS is an unconstitutional invasion of privacy:

Source: Free Government Information (FGI)

Here’s more detail on the issue, including the caveat that the Senate is unlikely to agree to this funding cut:

House Votes To Cut Census Survey Done Since Thomas Jefferson
Michael McAuliff | Huffington Post
May 10, 2012

It is unlikely that the Senate would pass such a measure, but it also could be attached to other legislation, as the House GOP has managed before with measures the Senate does not like. Webster said his cut would save $2.4 billion.

E-mail to Census Project Colleagues
Terri Ann Lowenthal
May 9, 2012

Now, I cannot imagine that President Obama would sign a Commerce, Justice, and Science Appropriations bill that eliminates the ACS. But this is a truly cautionary tale. The outcome demonstrates, in my opinion, that all census/ACS data users must be much more pro-active in conveying their support for this and other surveys to all Members of the House and Senate. What if the White House and Senate majority change hands next year? Conceivably, we could lose an awful lot of data in the future.

[See previous post for more information on the appropriations bill, HR5326 that this amendment was added to].

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