Census 2010: Undercount, Overcount or Both?

The word is just in via Twitter:

@CommerceGov DepSec Blank on release of data measuring 2010 census accuracy: “On time, under budget and accurate.”

The 2010 Census had a very slight overcount, but some groups (renters, blacks, and Hispanics) were undercounted. But, there are improvements compared to previous censuses.

Press Release

Press Kit
The press kit is very detailed. There are multiple sets of presentations slides and then many technical reports.

While the Press Kit has excellent handouts, users may wish to watch the press conference to get the additional details that a slide cannot convey. Below are links to the video of the press conference on the Census Bureau’s USTREAM channel. It is broken into 3 segments. The first is an overview and not real technical. The afternoon session is technical, appropriate for survey methodologists and others with an interest in sampling, weights, and small area measurment. That session is divided into two segments as there was a break.

Census Coverage Measurement Press Conference

Coverage Measurement Press Conference: Technical Session (part 1)

Coverage Measurement Press Conference: Technical Session (part 2)

Video streaming by Ustream

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