Census Bureau Estimates, 2011

The Census Bureau released estimates of places in late June.


Note that these estimates use a different algorithm than the state/county population estimates released earlier this year. Estimates for places are based on housing unit methodology. The estimates for states and counties are based on vital statistics (births, deaths) and an estimate of migration.

This makes a difference if one is comparing Detroit or Cleveland, which are both sub-county population estimates as compared to Baltimore, which is a county equivalent.

The results for Michigan show Detroit losing 3% of its population and remaining just above 700,000. All other places within Wayne County have very similar rates – with most of the difference due to the variations in the distribution of the GQ and household populations across these communities.

On the other hand, the Population Estimates for places produced by the Southeastern Michigan Census Council (SEMCOG) show quite a bit of variation within counties. Hamtramck grew by 2.1%, while Detroit and Highland Park declined by 4% and 6.6% respectively.

And, big picture-wise, Texas is home to 8 of the 15 most rapidly growing cities. [Press Release]

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