Re-visiting the Hispanic identity question

The measurement of race in the federal statistical system was last changed just before the 2000 Census. That change allowed respondents to identify with more than one race. While this might have improved the collection of data on multi-race individuals, it did not solve the issue of racial identity among Hispanics or other groups whose identity is not listed as a race, such as Middle Easterners. Back to Hispanics, many chose “other” as race even when the Hispanic origin question comes before the race question. Clearly, the white, African American, etc. choices are not resonating with this population.

So, the Census Bureau is proposing a change in how race and Hispanic origin are collected. OMB will have the final say on this.

Changing the Way U.S. Hispanics are Counted
Carl Haub | Population Reference Bureau
November 2012

A previous PSC Info blog entry, covered the Census Bureau press conference on this:

Census Bureau: Race/Hispanic Origin Experimental Questions
Lisa Neidert | PSC Info Blog
August 8, 2012

A summary of the press conference findings can be found here:
Census Bureau Considers Changing its Race/Hispanic Questions
D’Vera Cohn | Pew Social & Demographic Trends
August 7, 2012

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