Data Privacy: Some Articles on Failed Anonymizaton

January 28th is Data Privacy Day so this post provides a few articles and news reports on failed anonymization as well as a Guide to HIPAA Audits concerning publically identifiable health information.

HIPAA Audit Tips – Know What De-Identification of PHI Really Means
January 28, 2013

The ‘Re-Identification’ of Governor William Weld’s Medical Information: A Critical Re-Examination of Health Data Identification Risks and Privacy Protections, Then and Now
Daniel C. Barth-Jones | Social Science Research Network
June 4, 2012

Broken Promises of Privacy: Responding to the Surprising Failure of Anonymization
Paul Ohm | UCLA Law Review
August 2009

Identifying Personal Genomes by Surname Inference
Melissa Gymrek, Amy L. McGuire, David Golan, Eran Halperin and Yaniv Erlich | Science
January 18, 2013

The Complexities of Genomic Identifiability
Laura L. Rodriguez, Lisa D. Brooks, Judith H. Greenberg and Eric D. Green | Science
January 18, 2013

And some articles that explain the issues to the educated public. The first article has a reference to UM football. See if you can find it:

Emperor’s New Short Tandem Repeats
John Wilbanks | (personal website)
January 17, 2013

Scientists Demonstrate how Hackers can unlock your Genetic Secrets
Alan Boyle, Science Editor | NBC News
January 17, 2013

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