International Migration Statistics for the US

Here are several links related to international migration in the US from the Census Burea.

International Migration is Projected to become Primary Driver of U.S. Population Growth for the first time in Nearly Two Centuries
Census Bureau
May 15, 2013
This link goes to an overview page. To the right are links to detailed tables and graphs showing migration and natural increase and population by age group.

Estimating Net International Migration for 2010 Demographic Analysis: An Overview of Methods and Results
Renuka Bhaskar, | Census Bureau
February 2013
This working paper is relevant for Demographic Analysis – technique used to understand the age, sex, and racial composition of a population and how it has changed over time via births, deaths, and migration. Here is a link to the Demographic Analysis site at the Census Bureau.

The Foreign Born [Census Bureau website]
This includes links to an infographic – part of which is included below on America’s foreign born in the last 50 years, data from the American Community Survey on home ownership, STEM degrees, newly arrived, and region-specific reports. There is also a 2010 tables package from the Current Population Survey.

graph of foreign born over time

[Link to complete infographic]

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