Lessons from North of the Border

Why a Voluntary ACS Could Wipe Some States off of the Map
Terri Ann Lowenthal | The Census Project Blog
May 17, 2013

This is a great re-cap of the disaster Canada has on its hands with its voluntary National Household Survey. And, it is relevant for the US, because Congressional Republicans want to allow people to ‘just say no’ to all or part of the American Community Survey. She also reminds readers of the history of the marriage question in the US Census, including the possible deletion of the “times married” question.

The PSC-Info blog has several links to recent ACS/Census funding news:

ACS to drop “Number of Times Married” question

“it’s an Alice in Wonderland moment” or “GOP Census Bill would Eliminate America’s Economic Indicators”

The Census Reform Act of 2013

The ACS Faces More Battles

SENATE: The Census Bureau has already written the reports; read them.

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