Death Certificates: Studies cast doubt on recorded cause-of-death

Making the Right Call, Even in Death
Lawrence Altman, MD | New York Times
July 1, 2013
This article discusses two studies, which illustrate problems with the recorded cause of death in death certificates.

The studies, published in the May issue of the journal Preventing Chronic Disease, support what researchers have long suspected: that heart disease is overreported as a cause of death, while diseases like pneumonia and cancer tend to be underreported. Equally disturbing, one of the studies suggests that the health system is far too cavalier about the accuracy of death certificates.

Survey of New York City Resident Physicians on Cause-of-Death Reporting, 2010
B. Wexelman, E. Eden & K. Rose | Preventing Chronic Disease
May 2013

Impact of a Hospital-Level Intervention to Reduce Heart Disease Overreporting on Leading Causes of Death
Teeb Al-Samarrai, | Preventing Chronic Disease
May 2013

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