New Discussion Papers from the Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)

How Do Adolescents Spell Time Use?
Charlene M. Kalenkoski, David C. Ribar, Leslie S. Stratton
Abstract; PDF

Impact of Paternal Temporary Absence on Children Left Behind
Alison L. Booth, Yuji Tamura
Abstract; PDF

The Effect of Lone Motherhood on the Smoking Behaviour of Young Adults
(forthcoming in: Health Economics)
Marco Francesconi, Stephen P. Jenkins, Thomas Siedler
Abstract; PDF

Targeting Fertility and Female Participation Through the Income Tax
(forthcoming in: Labour Economics, 2009)
Ghazala Azmat, Libertad Gonzalez
Abstract; PDF

Employment, Wages, and the Economic Cycle: Differences between Immigrants and Natives
Christian Dustmann, Albrecht Glitz, Thorsten Vogel
Abstract; PDF

Substitution Effects in Parental Investments
Loren Brandt, Aloysius Siow, Hui Wang
Abstract; PDF

Racial Differences in Fringe Benefits and Compensation
Wallace Mok, Zahra Siddique
Abstract; PDF

The Role of Demographics in Precipitating Crises in Financial Institutions
Diane Macunovich
Abstract; PDF

The Inter-Related Dynamics of Dual Job Holding, Human Capital and Occupational Choice
Georgios A. Panos, Konstantinos Pouliakas, Alexandros Zangelidis
Abstract; PDF

Do Foreigners Replace Native Immigrants? Evidence from a Panel Cointegration Analysis
Herbert Brücker, Stefano Fachin, Alessandra Venturini
Abstract; PDF

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