New Working Papers from the NBER

Recent Trends in the Earnings of New Immigrants to the United States
By George J. Borjas, Rachel M. Friedberg
Abstract; PDF

Top Incomes in the Long Run of History
By Anthony B. Atkinson, Thomas Piketty, Emmanuel Saez
Abstract; PDF

The Area and Population of Cities: New Insights from a Different Perspective on Cities
By Hernán D. Rozenfeld, Diego Rybski, Xavier Gabaix, Hernán A. Makse
Abstract; PDF

Moral Hazard Matters: Measuring Relative Rates of Underinsurance Using Threshold Measures
By Jean Marie Abraham, Thomas DeLeire, Anne Beeson Royalty
Abstract; PDF

Accidental Death and the Rule of Joint and Several Liability
By Daniel Carvell, Janet Currie, W. Bentley MacLeod
Abstract; PDF

Traffic Congestion and Infant Health: Evidence from E-ZPass
By Janet Currie, Reed Walker
Abstract; PDF

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