Anything you can’t measure you can’t manage

Anything you can’t measure you can’t manage

Who said that?

Wilbur Ross, potential Secretary of Commerce in the Trump administration. This quote during his confirmation hearing is relevant as one of the agencies that will be under his purview is the Census Bureau.

He is also sympathetic to funding for the Census Bureau and presumably other statistical agencies:

In recent years, some Republicans in Congress have tried to restrict government data collection and to cut funding to the Census Bureau and other statistical agencies. Ross signaled he will fight those efforts. “It’s been hard getting the commitment for the appropriations that census really needs for its mission”

The Washington Post had an op-ed about the Census Bureau on February 20th and Wilbur Ross is mentioned in it:

IN HIS confirmation hearing last month, Wilbur Ross noted he may be the first secretary of commerce nominee who was once a U.S. census taker. Those skills could come in handy right about now: A recent report indicates the 2020 Census is in trouble.

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January 18, 2017

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