New Series from the National Center for Health Statistics

NCHS Data Briefs

Data briefs are statistical publications that provide information about current public health topics in a straightforward format. Each report takes a complex data subject and summarizes it into text and graphics that provide readers with easily comprehensible information in a compact publication.

The titles so far include:
HIV Infection in the United States Household Population Aged 18-49 Years: Results from 1999-2006. PDF
Hypertension Awareness, Treatment, and Control-Continued Disparities in Adults: United States, 2005-2006. PDF
High Serum Total Cholesterol-An Indicator for Monitoring Cholesterol Lowering Efforts: U.S. Adults, 2005-2006. PDF
Obesity Among Adults in the United States-No Statistically Significant Change Since 2003-2004. PDF

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