Recent Journal Articles by Center Researchers

Title: Accumulating disadvantage over the life course – Evidence from a longitudinal study investigating the relationship between educational advantage in youth and health in middle age
Author Full Names: Walsemann, Katrina M.; Geronimus, Arline T.; Gee, Gilbert C.
Source: RESEARCH ON AGING, 30 (2): 169-199 MAR 2008
Title:Declines in late-life disability: The role of early- and mid-life factors
Vicki A. Freedman, Linda G. Martin, Robert F. Schoeni and Jennifer C. Cornman
Social Science & Medicine, 66(7):1588-1602
Title: The relationship between income and material hardship
Author(s): Sullivan JX, Turner L, Danziger S
Source: JOURNAL OF POLICY ANALYSIS AND MANAGEMENT Volume: 27 Issue: 1 Pages: 63-81 Published: 2008
Title: Household and community income, economic shocks and risky sexual behavior of young adults: evidence from the Cape Area Panel Study 2002 and 2005
Author(s): Dinkelman, T; Lam, D; Leibbrandt, M
Source: AIDS Volume: 21 Pages: S49-S56 Published: 2007

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