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The Closing of the Gender Gap in Schooling: The Case of Thailand

Publication Abstract

Knodel, John E. "The Closing of the Gender Gap in Schooling: The Case of Thailand." PSC Research Report No. 96-362. 3 1996.

er girls has closed in Thailand at all levels. Responses to generalized questions on attitudes about schooling for boys and girls are showing substantial reduction in the preference for educating sons more than daughters, although some preference for sons persists. Qualitative data from focus group discussions reveal that parental views on gender and schooling are complex and do not operate uniformly to favor one sex over the other. Moreover, the changing socio-economic context of schooling decisions in Thailand is likely to encourage parents to favor girls at least as much as boys in education. While gender inequality in schooling is no longer important, socio-economic level continues to starkly influence Thai children's chances for higher levels of education.

Datasets used: Social Attitudes Towards Children Surveys: 1988 and 1993 // Children and Youth Survey: 1992 // Census: Thailand, 1990 (1.2% sample) // Focus Group Transcripts from Determinants of Post-primary Education Study (Graduate School of Srinakharinwirot University, Bangkok)

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