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Sexual Activity among the Older Population in Thailand: Evidence from a Nationally Representative Survey

Publication Abstract

PDF Knodel, John E., and Napaporn Chayovan. 2000. "Sexual Activity among the Older Population in Thailand: Evidence from a Nationally Representative Survey." PSC Research Report No. 00-445. 5 2000.

This study examines sexual activity among the population aged 50 and over in Thailand in relation to age, gender and health status. It is the first study of older persons based on a large nationally representative survey in any non-Western or developing country. The results indicate that that substantial proportions of older married Thais remain sexually active, although at levels that lower than found among older persons in Western countries. Sexual activity and desire decline steadily with age for both married men and women but at any given age both are lower for women. Overall, the sexual desire of husbands is a far more important determinant of sexual activity within marriage than that of wives. Poor health depresses activity and desire but can not account the decline of either with age. Comparisons of sexual desire and activity reveal that for the majority of older married Thai men and women behavior and desires are concordant. Levels of discordance are higher for married women, however, and arise primarily from being active but lacking desire. Possible reasons for the low activity levels relative to Western countries are considered as are the implications for the AIDS epidemic and for discussions of the quality of life of older persons.

Dataset(s): Survey of the Welfare of Elderly in Thailand (SWET)

Country of focus: Thailand.


Later Issued As:
Knodel, John E., and Napaporn Chayovan. 2001. "Sexual Activity among Older Thais: The Influence of Age, Gender, and Health." Journal of Cross-Cultural Gerontology, 16(2): 173-200. DOI. Abstract.

Wellbeing of Older Persons in Southeast Asia (Bibliography)

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