A framework for causal enquiry in information systems for observational studies

Archived Abstract of Former PSC Researcher

Mithas, S., Daniel Almirall, and M.S. Krishnan. 2009. "A framework for causal enquiry in information systems for observational studies." In Economics, information systems, and electronic commerce : advanced empirical methodologies edited by Kauffman, Robert J., Tallon, Paul P.. Armonk, N.Y: M.E. Sharpe.

Opportunities and challenges for information systems research : beyond the bounds of statistical inference : an introduction / Robert J. Kauffman, Paul P. Tallon -- Research strategies for e-business : a philosophy of science view in the age of the Internet / Robert J. Kauffman, Charles A. Wood -- A potential outcomes approach to assess causality in information systems research / Sunil Mithas, Daniel Almirall, Mayuram S. Krishnan -- Empirical analysis of information technology project investment portfolios / Ryan Sougstad, Indranil R. Bardhan -- Evaluating information technology industry performance : a stochastic production frontier approach / Benjamin B.M. Shao, Winston T. Lin -- Using accounting-based performance measures to assess the business value of information technologies and systems / Bruce Dehning ... [et al.] -- Modelling dynamics in online auctions : a modern statistical approach / Galit Shmueli, Wolfgang Jank -- Empirical design of incentive mechanisms in group-buying auctions / Her-Sen Doong ... [et al.] -- Empirical advances for the study of weblogs : relevance and testing of random effects model / Kai-Lung Hue, Yee-Lin Lai, Shun-Jian Yee -- Choice-based sampling and estimation of choice probabilities in information systems and e-commerce research / Jungpil Hahn, Chen Zhang -- Debating the nature of empirical e-commerce research : issues, challenges, and directions / Vijay Gurbaxani, Henry C. Lucas, Jr., Paul P. Tallon.

ISBN: 0765615320; 9780765615329 Series 1554-6152 ;; National Library: 014918295

causal inference Information technology Economic aspects Electronic commerce Informatiesystemen E-commerce Operationeel onderzoek Betriebliches Informationssystem Methodology

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