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Understanding and reducing socioeconomic and racial/ethnic disparities in health

Publication Abstract

House, James S., and David R. Williams. 2003. "Understanding and reducing socioeconomic and racial/ethnic disparities in health." In Health and social justice : politics, ideology, and inequity in the distribution of disease edited by Hofrichter, Richard. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

The politics of health inequitites : contested terrain /; Richard Hofrichter --; A society in delcine : the political, economic, and social determinants of health inequalities in the United States /; Dennis Raphael --; Understanding and reducing socioeconomic and racial/ethnic disparities in health /; James S. House, David R. Williams --; Gender, health, and equity : the intersections /; Piroska Östlin, Asha George, Gita Sen --; Getting a grip on the global economy : health outcomes and the decoding of development discourse /; John Gershman, Alec Irwin, Aaron Shakow.; The political context of social inequalities and health /; Vincente Navarro, Leiyu Shi --; Income inequality and mortality : importance to health of individual income, psychosocial environment, or material conditions /; John W. Lynch, George Davey Smith, George A. Kaplan, James S. House --; Zoning, equity, and public health /; Juliana a. Maantay --; Changing structure of work in the United States : implications for health and welfare /; Sarah Kuhn, John Wooding --; Public health as social justice /; Dan E. Beauchamp.; Social capital and the third way in public health /; Charles Muntaner, John W. Lynch, George Davey Smith --; Measuring health inequalities : the politics of the World Health Report 2000 /; Paula A. Braveman --; Assessing equity in health : conceptual criteria /; Alexandra Bambas, Juan Antonio Casas --; Income inequality, social cohesion, and the health status of populations : the role of neo-liberalism /; David Coburn --; Income inequality and health : expanding the debate /; John W. Lynch --; Is capitalism a disease? The crisis in U.S. public health /; Richard Levins.; Theorizing inequalitites in health : the place of lay knowledge /; Jennie Popay, Gareth Williams, Carol Thomas, Anthony Gatrell --; Limitations of population health as a model for a new public health /; Dennis Raphael, Toba Bryant --; Theories for social epidemiology in the twenty-first century : an ecosocial perspective /; Nancy Krieger --; Toward the future : policy and community actions to promote population health /; Dennis Raphael --; Globalization, trade, and health : unpacking the links and defining health public policy options /; Ronald Labonte.; Socioeconomic disparities in health in the United States : an agenda for action /; Nancy E. Moss --; From science to policy : options for reducing health inequalities /; Hilary Graham --; Addressing structural influences on the health of urban populations /; Arline T. Geronimus --; Swimming upstream in a swift current : public health institutions and inequality /; Rajiv Bhatia --; Minnesota's call to action : a starting point for advancing health equity through social and economic change /; Gavin Kearney --; Role of mass media in creating social capital : a new direction for public health /; Lawrence Wallack.

ISBN: 0787967335 (alk. paper); 9780787967338 (alk. paper); National Library: 101185640; 009064845; LCCN: 2003-16408


656 Social medicine Social justice Equality Health aspects Health Social aspects Public health Social aspects Social status Health aspects Economic status Health aspects Public Health Socioeconomic Factors Public Policy Médecine sociale Justice sociale Égalité (Sociologie) Aspect sanitaire Santé Aspect social Santé publique Aspect social Sociale geneeskunde Sociale rechtvaardigheid Gezondheid Ziekten Sociaal-economische aspecten Internet resource (url)

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