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'Spread your wings and fly': The course of well-being and substance use during the transition to young adulthood

Publication Abstract

Schulenberg, John E., Patrick M. O'Malley, Jerald Bachman, and Lloyd Johnston. 2000. "'Spread your wings and fly': The course of well-being and substance use during the transition to young adulthood." In Negotiating adolescence in times of social change edited by Crockett, Lisa J., Silbereisen, R. K.. Cambridge ;; New York: Cambridge University Press.

Social change and adolescent development : issues and challenges / Lisa J. Crockett and Rainer K. Silbereisen -- Surmounting life's disadvantage / Glen H. Elder Jr. and Stephen T. Russell -- Marriage and the baby carriage : historical change and intergenerational continuity in early parenthood / Jeanne Brooks-Gunn, Sara Schley, and Janet Hardy -- Effects of social change on individual development : the role of social and personal factors and the timing of events / Gisela Trommsdorff -- The global spread of adolescent culture / Alice Schlegel -- Social change and the sequencing of developmental transitions / John Bynner -- German unification and adolescents' developmental timetables : continuities and discontinuities / Rainer K. Silbereisen -- Adolescents in changing social structures : bounded agency in life course perspective / Michael J. Shanahan and Kathryn E. Hood -- Adolescent peer relations in times of social change / Peter Noack -- Life course dynamics and the development of new relations between generations / Hans Bertram -- A neighborhood-level perspective on social change and the social control of adolescent delinquency / Robert J. Sampson -- Social change and the "social contract" in adolescent development / Constance A. Flanagan -- The role of economic pressure in the lives of parents and their adolescents : the family stress model / Katherine J. Conger, Martha A. Rueter, and Rand D. Conger -- "Spread your wings and fly" : the course of well-being and substance use during the transition to young adulthood / John Schulenberg ... [et al.] -- What is a cohort and why? - an old question revisited / Klaus Boehnke -- Research, intervention, and social change : improving adolescents' career opportunities / Stephen F. Hamilton and Mary Agnes Hamilton -- Preparing adolescents for social change : designing generic social interventions / Ruby Takanishi -- Adolescents in the 21st century : preparing for an uncertain future / Anne C. Petersen.

ISBN: 0521623898 (hc.); 9780521623896 (hc.); LCCN: 99-10716

309 Adolescence Adolescent psychology Social change Adolescenten Psychosociale ontwikkeling Sociale verandering Internet resource (url)

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