Socioeconomic inequalities in health: an enduring sociological problem

Publication Abstract

Robert, Stephanie A., and James S. House. 2000. "Socioeconomic inequalities in health: an enduring sociological problem." In Handbook of medical sociology edited by Bird, Chloe E., Conrad, Peter, Fremont, Allen M.. Upper Saddle River, N.J: Prentice Hall.

Medical sociology at the millennium / Chloe E. Bird, Pete Conrad, and Allen M. Fremont -- The institutionalization of medical sociology in the United States, 1920-1980 / Samuel W. Bloom -- Evaluating the fundamental cause explanation for social disparities in health / Bruce G. Link and Jo C. Phelan -- Links between social status and health status / John Mirowsky, Catherine E. Ross, and John Reynolds -- The importance of culture in sociological theory and research on stress and mental health : a missing link? / Robin W. Simon -- Socioeconomic inequalities in health : an enduring sociological problem / Stephanie A. Robert and James S. House -- Sociological explanations of gender differences in mental and physical health / Patricia P. Rieker and Chloe E. Bird -- Race, ethnicity, and health / Chris Smaje -- Political economy of health and aging / Carroll L. Estes, Steven Wallace, and Karen W. Linkins -- Environment and health / Phil Brown -- The sociology of health behavior and health lifestyles / William C. Cockerham -- On chronic illness and disability / Michael Bury -- Experiencing illness in/and narrative / Susan E. Bell -- The medical profession and organizational change : from professional dominance to countervailing power / Donald W. Light -- Tides of change : the evolution of managed care in the United States / Douglas R. Wholey and Lawton R. Burns -- Reconfiguring the sociology of medical education : emerging topics and pressing issues / Frederic W. Hafferty -- The evolving relationship between medical sociology and health policy / Bradford H. Gary and James O'Leary -- Changing patient-physician relationships in the changing health-policy environment / Howard Waitzkin -- The growing acceptance of complementary and alternative medicine / Michael S. Goldstein -- Quality of life in health, illness, and medical care / Debra Lerner and Carolyn E. Schwartz -- Technology and medical practice / Stefan Timmermans -- Medicalization, genetics and human problems / Peter Conrad -- Social and psychological factors, physiological processes, and physical health / Allen M. Fremont and Chloe E. Bird -- Medical sociology and health psychology / Debra Umberson, Kristi Williams, and Susan Sharp -- Social epidemiology and medical sociology : different approaches to the same problem / S. Leonard Syme and Irene H. Yen -- "Parallel sisters" : medical anthropology and medical sociology / Mary-Jo DelVecchio Good and Byron Good -- The sociological imagination and bioethics / Charles L. Bosk -- Confronting the second social contract : the place of medical sociology in research and policy for the twenty-first century / Bernice A. Pescosolido, Jane McLeod, and Margarita Alegría.

ISBN: 0130144568; 9780130144560; National Library: 100900318 LCCN: 99-57953

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