Single women and the dynamics of Medicaid

Archived Abstract of Former PSC Researcher

Short, Pamela Farley, and Vicki Freedman. 1998. "Single women and the dynamics of Medicaid." Health services research, 33(5): 1309.

A study investigates transitions in and out of Medicaid for a cohort of single adult women of childbearing age in order to address questions that arise as policy makers try to encourage transitions from welfare to work. Results indicate that imposing time limits on Medicaid eligibility would affect only a small proportion of Medicaid spells but would eliminate a significant proportion of the caseload at a point in time. In considering changes in Medicaid that would encourage transitions from welfare to work and would alter the dynamics of Medicaid, policy makers need to consider how transitions both in and out of private insurance and Medicaid would be affected.

Studies Medicaid Welfare reform Transitions Women Single persons Policy making Statistical analysis

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