Aging, health behaviors, and health outcomes

Publication Abstract

Schaie, K. Warner, Dan G. Blazer, and James S. House. 1992. Aging, health behaviors, and health outcomes. Hillsdale, N.J: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Aging, health behaviors, and health outcomes : goals of the conference / Dan Blazer -- Social stratification, age, and health / James S. House ... [et al] -- Social stratification and aging : contemporaneous and cumulative effects / Ronald P. Abeles -- Socioeconomic status, health behaviors, and health status among Blacks / Sherman A. James, Nora L. Keenan, Steve Browning -- Social structure and the health behaviors of Blacks / David R. Williams -- Discussion of socioeconomic status, health behaviors, and health status among Blacks / George L. Maddox -- Health and aging in the Alameda County study / George A. Kaplan -- Aging and the public health : reflections on Kaplan's report of health and aging in the Alameda County study / Ilene C. Siegler -- The laudables and limits of large epidemiologic studies of mortality / Dan Blazer -- Living arrangements and problems with daily tasks for older women with breast cancer / William A. Satariano and Nawal E. Ragheb -- The content and context of effective spousal support / Sheldon Cohen -- Reducing disability in research / Adrian M. Ostfeld -- Social factors and the onset and outcome of depression / Linda K. George -- Cohort experiences, support versatility, depressive traits, and theory / Stanley A. Murrell -- Statistical and causal interaction in the diagnosis and outcome of depression / Carmi Schooler -- Aging, health behaviors, and health outcomes : some concluding comments / James S. House.

ISBN: 0805807802; 9780805807806; National Library: 9111058 LCCN: 91-30972

Older people Health and hygiene United States Older African Americans Health and hygiene Health behavior Aging psychology United States Congresses Health Behavior United States Congresses Health Services for the Aged United States Congresses Social Class United States Congresses Social Environment United States Congresses Ouderen Gezondheid Sociale aspecten Conference publication (cnp)

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