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Social structure and personality

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House, James S. 1981. "Social structure and personality." In Social psychology : sociological perspectives edited by Rosenberg, Morris, Turner, Ralph H.. New York: Basic Books, Inc.

Symbolic interactionism : themes and variations / Sheldon Stryker -- Social exchange theory / Richard M. Emerson -- Reference groups and social evaluations / Eleanor Singer -- Social roles / Jerold Heiss -- Socialization processes over the life course / Diane Mitsch Bush and Roberta G. Simmons -- Contexts of socialization / Viktor Gecas -- Talk and social control / Allen D. Grimshaw -- Attraction in interpersonal relationships / Carl W. Backman -- Situated activity and identity formation / C. Norman Alexander and Mary Glenn Wiley -- Expectation states and interpersonal behavior / Barbara F. Meeker -- Small Groups / Kurt W. Back -- Attitudes and behavior / Richard J. Hill -- Intergroup relations / Melvin Seeman -- Collective behavior : the elementary forms / John F. Lofland -- Collective behavior : social movements / Louis A. Zurcher and David A. Snow -- The sociology of deviance and social control / Jack P. Gibbs -- Social structure and personality / James S. House -- The sociology of sentiments and emotion / Steven L. Gordon -- The self-concept : social product and social force / Morris Rosenberg -- Group movements, sociocultural change, and personality / William T. Smelser and Neil J. Smelser -- Mass communications and public opinion : strategies for research / Gladys Engel Lang and Kurt Lang.

ISBN: 0465079040 :; 9780465079049; 0465079059 (pbk.) :; 9780465079056 (pbk.); National Library: 8309928 LCCN: 81-66976

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