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The effects of occupational stress on physical health

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House, James S. 1974. "The effects of occupational stress on physical health." In Work and the quality of life; resource papers for Work in America edited by O'Toole, James. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press.

Foreword / Elliot L. Richardson -- Introduction / James O'Toole -- "They won't work" : the end of the Protestant ethic and all that / Ivar Berg -- Is there a blue-collar revolt against work? / George Strauss -- Upward mobility, job monotony, and labor market structure / Michael J. Piore -- Perspectives on women and work in America / Isabel V. Sawhill -- Middle management / Emanuel Kay -- Work and the health of man / Bruce L. Margolis and William H. Kroes -- The effects of occupational stress on physical health / James S. House -- Work and mental health / Stanislav V. Kasl -- The work module : a proposal for the humanization of work / Robert L. Kahn -- Alienation and innovation in the workplace / Richard E. Walton -- Improving the quality of work life : sociotechnical case studies / Louis E. Davis and Eric L. Trist -- Occupational bias in formal education and its effect on preparing children for work / David C. MacMichael -- Vocational education for all in high school? / Beatrice G. Reubens -- Work experience and family life / Frank F. Furstenberg -- Work, well-being, and family life / Lee Rainwater -- Work and welfare / Thomas C. Thomas -- Afterword / Edward M. Kennedy.

ISBN: 0262150158; 9780262150156 LCCN: 74-548

414 Manpower policy United States Labor supply United States Job satisfaction Emploi Politique gouvernementale États-Unis Marché du travail États-Unis Satisfaction au travail Employment United States Mental Health

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