Will 'Deaths of Despair' among Whites Change How We Talk about Racial/Ethnic Health Disparities?

Archived Abstract of Former PSC Researcher

Brown, Lauren L., and Reginald Tucker-Seeley. 2018. "Will 'Deaths of Despair' among Whites Change How We Talk about Racial/Ethnic Health Disparities?" Ethnicity & Disease, 28(2): 123-128.

The recent trend of premature death among Whites in the United States has garnered attention in both the popular and academic literature. This attention has focused on the plight of low socioeconomic status Whites in non-urban areas. The population health lit­erature in general and the health disparities literature more specifically has struggled to describe differences in health when White groups present worse health outcomes or worsening trends compared with racial/ ethnic minority groups. There remain many open questions as population health/health disparities research attempts to explain the increasing mortality rates for low socioeco­nomic status Whites in non-urban areas in relationship to other racial/ethnic groups. As the conversation in the academic and popular literature continues to unfold, a key question for population health research and practice is how will the 'deaths of despair' phenomenon among Whites influence our measuring of, and reporting and interven­ing on, race/ethnic health disparities? Ethn Dis. 2018;28(2):123-128; doi:10.18865/ ed.28.2.123.


Deaths of Despair Hispanic Paradox Mortality Race/Ethnic Health Disparities

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