PRISMS: An Integrated, Open-Source Framework for Accelerating Predictive Structural Materials Science

Publication Abstract

Aagesen, L.K., Justin Thomas, Alexandra Murphy, Zheng Wang, Jeffrey Jones, Margaret L. Hedstrom, J.F. Adams, J.E. Allison, et al. 2018. "PRISMS: An Integrated, Open-Source Framework for Accelerating Predictive Structural Materials Science." JOM, 70(10): 2298-2314.

The Center for Predictive Integrated Structural Materials Science (PRISMS Center) is creating a unique framework for accelerated predictive materials science and rapid insertion of the latest scientific knowledge into next-generation ICME tools. There are three key elements of this framework. The first is a suite of high-performance, open-source integrated multi-scale computational tools for predicting microstructural evolution and mechanical behavior of structural metals. Specific modules include statistical mechanics, phase field, crystal plasticity simulation and real-space DFT codes. The second is the Materials Commons, a collaboration platform and information repository for the materials community. The third element of the PRISMS framework is a set of integrated scientific "Use Cases" in which these computational methods are linked with experiments to demonstrate the ability for improving our predictive understanding of magnesium alloys, in particular, the influence of microstructure on monotonic and cyclic mechanical behavior. This paper reviews progress toward these goals and future plans.


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