Thailand's Elderly Population: A Demographic and Social Profile Based on Official Statistical Sources

Publication Abstract

Chayovan, Napaporn, John E. Knodel, and Siriwan Siriboon. 1990. "Thailand's Elderly Population: A Demographic and Social Profile Based on Official Statistical Sources." Elderly in Asia Report No. 90-2. 9 1990.

This report provides a descriptive profile of Thailand's elderly (defined as age 60 and over) population in terms of their demographic, health and socio-economic characteristics based on data from the censuses and several larger surveys conducted by the National Statistical Office.

Separate sections are devoted to the age and sex structure of the population, mortality, health status, migration, socio-demographic characteristics, and socio-economic characteristics. Generally, each of these sections focuses on the recent situation of the elderly with attention to prior trends and makes comparisons between the elderly and younger age groups in the population. A final section of the report assesses the demographic and socio-economic situation of the elderly in the coming decades based on a series of projections. A brief appendix discusses some aspects of the data sources and their quality.

Dataset(s): Census:Thailand 1970 and 1980. Survey of Health, Welfare and Traditional Medicine: Thailand 1986.

Country of focus: Thailand.

Wellbeing of Older Persons in Southeast Asia (Bibliography)

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