Exploring the Normative Basis for Age at Marriage in Thailand: An Example from Focus Group Research

Publication Abstract

Pramualratana, A., N. Havanon, and John E. Knodel. 1985. "Exploring the Normative Basis for Age at Marriage in Thailand: An Example from Focus Group Research." Journal of Marriage and Family, 47(1): 203-10.

Qualitative information about attitudes and beliefs concerning the appropriate age at marriage for men and women has been collected through the focus group technique and serves as the basis for exploring the normative structure underlying marriage timing in Thailand. For males, entering into marriage is linked to completion of military service and a period in the monkhood. More generally, for both sexes, readiness to marry is defined largely in terms of being able to shoulder the economic and emotional responsibilities associated with living together and raising a family. This norm stipulating responsibility and maturity as prerequisites for marriage is related to the prevailing patterns of postnuptial residence and household structure and helps explain the moderately late ages at marriage that prevail.

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